Canada Express Entry: Invitation to Apply for Canada Visa

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Canada Express Entry: Invitation to Apply for Canada Visa

Hello, future Canadians. It is that time of the year again and the government of Canada has announced it will invite three thousand nine hundred Express Entry candidates if you are interested to receive Canadian permanent residency . The preset target will be four hundred and forty five.

This invitation, will mark the largest number of entry of all time.

Canada Express Entry; How does it work?

The Express Entry system will put candidates in three categories namely

Federal Workers with skills.

Federal Skilled Trades Class.

Experience Class.

The candidates who do well will receive an invitation to apply. in fact, IRCC has introduced large standard draw sizes that have seen the gradual increase of ITAs to an all-time number of three thousand nine hundred individuals who will receive residency.

Candidates are ranked based on their comprehensive ranking score, which is determined by factors such as:

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Work experience.



Proficiency in English or French—Canadian official languages.

The latter institution has established a base of two thousand seven hundred ITAs over the first draws, which has seen the number increase from a staggering 250-500 every eight weeks, reaching the highest.

IRCC has now issued a total of 66,400 ITAs over 21 draws in 2019 and a number of 81,400 is targeted for 2019 through the Federal Worker with skills and the rest of aforementioned groups. Under its multiyear Immigration levels Plan, the government of Canada has a target of 74,900 new admissions, so there are still more to come.

The current minimum comprehensive ranking score of four hundred and forty five is more compared to the September nineteenth draw, which had a minimum score of four hundred an forty one. The deadline date and time for this current draw was at 4:02 UTC October 2 meaning that all candidates who had a comprehensive ranking score of above four hundred and submitted their profiles on time received an ITA in this invitation round.

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Candidates can also improve their rankings by provisional nomination, which results in an additional 600 CRS points. Express entry linked provincial nominee programs, have also been very active in 2019.

Below is an hypothetical candidate who would have obtained ITAs in the current draw:

Jane is 28 years old, holds a Bachelor’s degree and has been working as a business manager for three years. She wrote the IELTS and scoring eight in each category. Although Jane has never schooled in Canada, she has an aunt who is a Canadian permanent resident. Jane’s ranking is 448 would have been enough to acquire an ITA in the current draw.

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All said and done, three thousand nine hundred ITAs are welcome to try the new development and if the Government of Canada maintains this number, the subsequent draws of 2019 could surpass those made in the initial years

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