Crescent University School Fees 2023

Crescent University School Fees 2023

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Crescent University School Fees 2023


Are you considering pursuing your higher education at Crescent University? One of the crucial aspects of your planning is understanding the school fees for the upcoming year. 


In this detailed guide, we’ll provide you with essential information about Crescent University’s school fees for 2023, helping you make informed decisions about your academic journey and financial investment.


Crescent University School Fees Structure for 2023


Crescent University is dedicated to providing quality education, and its school fees structure is designed to accommodate various courses and programs. Below, you’ll find an overview of the school fees for different programs:

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1. College of Natural and Applied Sciences

   – Computer Science: ₦600,000 – ₦800,000

   – Biochemistry: ₦550,000 – ₦750,000

   – Microbiology: ₦600,000 – ₦800,000


2. College of Social and Management Sciences

   – Business Administration: ₦550,000 – ₦750,000

   – Accounting: ₦600,000 – ₦800,000

   – Mass Communication: ₦550,000 – ₦750,000


Frequently Asked Questions about Crescent University School Fees


Are the school fees consistent across all courses?

No, the school fees vary based on the program and college you’re enrolled in. Courses with specialized equipment or resources may have slightly higher fees.


Can the school fees be paid in instalments?

Yes, Crescent University often offers instalment payment options to help ease the financial burden. Ensure you inquire about the available instalment plans.

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Are there additional fees apart from tuition?

Yes, in addition to tuition, there might be fees for registration, accommodation, course materials, and other services. Make sure to review the breakdown of fees provided by the university.




Acquiring a comprehensive understanding of Crescent University’s school fees for 2023 is essential for effective financial planning as you embark on your academic journey. By being well-informed about the fee structure and seeking answers to common questions, you’ll be better prepared to manage your finances and maximize your time at Crescent University. 

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