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10 Job Opportunities in Lagos with Free Accommodation

10 Job Opportunities in Lagos with Free Accommodation

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10 Job Opportunities in Lagos with Free Accommodation

Are you considering relocating to Lagos for a job but worried about the cost of accommodation? The good news is that several job opportunities in Lagos offer the added benefit of free accommodation.

In this blog post, we will explore ten such job vacancies where accommodation is provided as part of the employment package.

Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced professional, these opportunities can help you kick-start your career while alleviating the burden of housing costs.

Read on to discover the possibilities that await you in Lagos!

1. Live-in Nanny/Housekeeper:

Several families in Lagos seek live-in nannies or housekeepers who provide childcare services or assist with household chores. In exchange for their work, these positions often come with free accommodation within the family’s residence.

2. Hospitality Staff:

Many hotels, resorts, and guesthouses in Lagos offer positions such as hotel receptionist, concierge, or room attendant with complimentary accommodation provided for staff members. These roles allow you to work within the hospitality industry while enjoying the convenience of living on-site.

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3. Security Guard:

Security companies and residential estates in Lagos often provide free accommodation for security guards. As a security guard, you will ensure the safety of the premises while enjoying the benefit of a place to stay.

4. Caretaker/Property Manager:

Some property owners or real estate companies in Lagos offer free accommodation to caretakers or property managers who oversee the maintenance and security of their properties. This arrangement allows you to reside on the premises while carrying out your duties.

5. Farm Worker:

Agricultural farms or estates located on the outskirts of Lagos may provide free accommodation to farm workers. If you have an interest in agriculture and don’t mind rural living, this can be an excellent opportunity to work and reside on the same property.

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6. Resort Staff:

Lagos boasts several beach resorts and recreational facilities that offer employment opportunities with accommodation included. Positions such as lifeguard, waiter/waitress, or activities coordinator often come with the perk of living on the resort premises.

7. Teaching Assistant:

International schools or boarding schools in Lagos may offer free accommodation to teaching assistants. These positions provide support to teachers and students, and in return, you get the benefit of accommodation on the school campus.

8. Volunteer Programs:

Certain volunteer programs or non-profit organizations in Lagos provide accommodation for their volunteers. This allows you to contribute to a meaningful cause while having a place to stay during your volunteering period.

9. Construction Worker:

Construction companies working on large-scale projects in Lagos occasionally offer free accommodation for their workers. If you have experience in construction or are willing to work in this field, you may find job opportunities with accommodation provided.

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10. Oil and Gas Industry:

Lagos is a hub for the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. Some companies within this sector offer job positions, such as rig worker or offshore technician, which include accommodation as part of the employment package.


Q1: How can I find job vacancies in Lagos that provide free accommodation?

A1: To find job vacancies with free accommodation in Lagos, you can search online job portals, company websites, or contact recruitment agencies that specialize in the specific industries mentioned above. Networking and reaching out to industry professionals can also be beneficial.

Q2: Is the accommodation provided usually within the workplace premises?

A2: The accommodation arrangements can vary. Some positions provide on-site accommodation, while others may offer nearby housing or accommodations within the same locality as the workplace.

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