Federal Polytechnic, Nekede School fees

Federal Polytechnic, Nekede School fees

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Federal Polytechnic, Nekede School fees

School Fees Structure

FPNO’s school fees vary depending on the program of study and level. For National Diploma (ND) full-time programs, students can expect to pay between ₦60,000 and ₦70,000 per semester. Higher National Diploma (HND) full-time programs typically incur fees ranging from ₦70,000 to ₦80,000 per semester.

Undergraduate Fees

Program School Fees per Semester
ND Full-time ₦60,000 – ₦70,000
HND Full-time ₦70,000 – ₦80,000

Additional Fees

In addition to tuition fees, students may encounter other expenses, such as acceptance fees, departmental fees, and laboratory fees. These additional charges vary depending on the program and may range from ₦10,000 to ₦20,000 per semester.


  1. When is the deadline for payment of school fees?

    School fees payment deadlines are typically announced at the beginning of each semester. Late payment penalties may apply for delayed payments.

  2. What are the acceptable modes of payment for school fees?

    FPNO accepts various payment methods, including online payment through the Remita platform, bank transfers, and cash payments at designated bank branches.

  3. Are there any scholarships or financial aid options available?

    FPNO offers a variety of scholarships and financial aid programs to deserving students. These include merit-based scholarships, need-based scholarships, and bursaries. Students should visit the FPNO website or contact the bursary department for more information and application procedures.

  4. What is the refund policy for school fees?

    The refund policy for school fees varies depending on the reason for withdrawal. Students should consult the FPNO student handbook for detailed information on refund procedures.

  5. Are there any installment plans available for school fees payment?

    FPNO may offer installment plans for school fees payment under certain circumstances. Students should inquire with the bursary department for specific details.

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Managing School Fees Effectively

  • Create a Realistic Budget: Develop a comprehensive budget that outlines all anticipated expenses, including tuition fees, accommodation costs, and personal expenses.
  • Explore Financial Aid Options: Actively seek out and apply for scholarships, bursaries, and financial aid programs that align with your eligibility criteria.
  • Consider Part-time Employment: Seek part-time employment opportunities to supplement your income and reduce reliance on borrowing.
  • Communicate with the Bursary Department: Stay informed about payment deadlines, policies, and any available financial assistance by regularly communicating with the bursary department.

By following these tips and managing their finances responsibly, students can navigate the school fees process smoothly and focus on their academic success at FPNO.

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Enrolling in Federal Polytechnic, Nekede opens doors to a rewarding academic journey and promising career prospects in the field of technology. By understanding the school fees structure, exploring financial aid options, and managing expenses wisely, aspiring students can pave the way for a fulfilling educational experience at this esteemed institution.

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