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Assistant Commissioner of Police Salary in Nigeria

Assistant Commissioner of Police Salary in Nigeria

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Assistant Commissioner of Police Salary in Nigeria

The Nigerian Police Force, a cornerstone of national security, offers various career paths with attractive compensation packages. Today, we’ll delve into the specifics of an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) salary in Nigeria and address frequently asked questions.

ACP Base Salary:

As of 2024, the base salary for an ACP in Nigeria ranges from ₦201,419.47 on Grade Level 13 Step 1 to ₦242,715.65 on Grade Level 13 Step 7. This translates to an annual salary of ₦2,417,033.64 to ₦2,912,587.80.

FAQs about ACP Salary in Nigeria:

1. How can I become an ACP?

To become an ACP, you must be a member of the Nigerian Police Force and have risen through the ranks, typically requiring at least 15 years of service and attaining the rank of Superintendent of Police (SP).

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2. Are there opportunities for promotion beyond ACP?

Yes, an ACP can be promoted to the position of Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) and eventually, Commissioner of Police (CP) and higher ranks.

3. What are the benefits of being an ACP?

Apart from the salary, ACPs enjoy various benefits, including:

  • Housing allowance
  • Medical insurance
  • Pension plan
  • Leave allowances
  • Opportunity for career advancement

4. What are the challenges of being an ACP?

The role comes with significant responsibility and pressure. ACPs face demanding work hours, potential risks, and leadership burdens.

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