Nursing Support Worker Jobs With Visa Sponsorship

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Are you a qualified nurse looking for a job? Are you a nurse looking for nursing support worker jobs with visa sponsorship? If so, then You need to read this blog post. Qualified foreign nationals can work as nursing support workers with a free visa. Lots of countries are going to recruit qualified nurses into their countries.

Ever since the pandemic, countries around the world have suffered from a lack of medical assistants. This has led to thousands of job vacancies in the healthcare sector, and qualified foreigners are expected to fill them.

Nursing support workers are important in the healthcare sector. They assist the licensed nurse and give care to patients. They provide enough care and assist the patient with personal care and hygiene and patient communication. Nursing support assistants work with nurses, doctors, and carers.

Who is a Nursing Support Worker?

Nursing support workers help the registered nurse by giving care and attention to the patient. They help the nurses by assisting the patient with a task, such as helping the patient with personal care and hygiene. They also help in the management of simple treatments and deliver medications to patients.

The nursing support worker works side-by-side with the nursing team to monitor the healthiness of the patients by examining their health and keeping their records up-to-date. They are to communicate well with the medical professionals, carers, and families of the sufferers to provide a top-notch level of care that shows the # 1 consideration to them as people.

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Furthermore, for those who have compassion for people, this is the perfect career selection for you because, currently, lots of hospitals, healthcare centers, and clinics are in desperate will need a medical assistant, and a nursing support worker is just one of them.

The Skills of a Nursing Support Worker

A nursing support worker has a specific set of skills to efficiently help the registered nurse with their duties. If you want this job role, you have access to familiar with the basics. They are the skills expected of a nursing support worker :

  • They must have a positive attitude to work.
  • Great problem-solving skills.
  • Nursing support workers must be caring.
  • They ought to be good listeners.
  • An outstanding problem-solving skill.
  • An exceptional communication skill.
  • Nursing support workers must build a strong relationship with the patients.

And many more. They are the skills that every nursing support assistant must have as a way to provide the best care to the patient while relieving the registered nurse’s workload.

Duties of a Nursing Support Worker

There are specific duties that all nursing assistants must carry out, and they include:

  • Monitoring of the patient’s health
  • Keep the patient record up-to-date.
  • Assisting the patient with personal care and hygiene
  • Give the patient food or assist them in eating.
  • Ensuring that the equipment is in order.
  • Delivering medication to patients.
  • Taking the patient’s vitals
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The duties of a nursing support worker are never-ending. They must provide patients with adequate care and attention and also assist them with basic duties. Nurse support workers help the doctors, nurses, and carers. When you are qualified to perform the duties mentioned above, you can apply for a nursing support worker job with visa sponsorship.

Requirement For Nursing Support Worker Jobs With Visa Sponsorship

Nursing support workers are tasked with looking after patients. But until you are qualified to keep up a patient, there are many basic requirements that you have to prove that you’re eligible for this job role. Here are one of the requirements:

  • A high school certificate.
  • No traces of a criminal record.
  • Applicants must have a CPR certificate test.
  • Applicants must pass the health screening test
  • An employment-related experience
  • Proficiency in English

After meeting all the requirements, you can not delay- look for a company that is willing to recruit nursing support workers from different countries around the globe and support them with visa sponsorship.

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Companies That Offer Nursing Support Worker Jobs

If you want to work as a nursing support worker in overseas, you should check with the company that offers this job role. Here is one of the companies:

  • Nouveau Care
  • First City Nursing and Care
  • Royal Free London Hospitals
  • National Locums
  • Athena Care Homes
  • U.S. Nursing Students
  • Steward Health Care System
  • Genesis
  • AdventHealth
  • Catholic Healthcare
  • Ramsay Health Care
  • Barwon Health
  • HealthX
  • TriCare
  • Redstone Recruitment
  • Ridgeview Lodge Care Community
  • Altercare

These companies are located all over, and they are going to sponsor international nursing support workers in their respective countries. The visa application and other expenses will be handled by them. They are well-known for offering this job role to foreigners. When you are qualified enough, you can apply to such companies and secure a nursing support worker job with them.

How Much Does a Nursing Support Worker Earn?

In most countries, nursing support workers earn quite a lot. They earn up to $78,598 per year. and they earn up to $20/hour. However, their salary ranges depend on factors like location, the healthcare system they work for, level of experience, and qualification.

In addition, nursing support workers get add-on cash bonuses and other benefits for the way well they render their services.

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