Moving to Canada? Here’s a Complete Canada Visa Immigration Guide

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Moving to Canada? Here’s a Complete Guide to Immigrating, Without Spending on Attorney

As an American Living in Canada has experienced lots of people asking her “how can I move to Canada?”

As a person who has actually “walked the walk” wishing there was a guide on “how to move to canada” when she was going through the hurdles of Moving to Canada by herself (through the Express Entry Process) she is perfectly positioned to provide “first-hand” experience of what it takes to go throgh the Immigration Process by yourself as well as dealing with any potential hurdles that may come up on your way to your Canadian Immigration Process.

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She works as a communications consultant for Organizations and Consults Caregivers worldwide through her position as Director of “The Caregiver Space”

Cori’s Book Provides information for both, Temporary & Permanent Immigration Options in great detail

Paperback: 142 pages

Language: English

Completely updated in the spring of 2018, “Let me show you how to move to Canada without a job offer or an immigration attorney” is an easily followed guide that provides a complete “walkthrough” of all the different avenues (and demystifies all Legal Jargon providing Plain English Instructions) that you can explore, no matter which part of the World are you applying from.

There are step-by-step instructions and in-depth explanations about the Express Entry, detailing realistic times for processing as well as a financial construction of the complete process to become a Canadian Permament Resident!

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The Book also provides ample information about the complete settlement process, ranging from simple tasks such as moving stuff across the border, as well as more labourious tasks such as Finding a Job in Canada (as a newcomer)

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